Engineering and consulting services in the area of integrated construction of facilities for oil, gas, oil and gas processing and petrochemical sectors

•    Innovative technologies for treatment and recovery of waste of oil and gas production
•    Designing and approval of projects with state supervisory authorities
•    Development of business plans and analysis of  their feasibility
•    Search for potential Kazakhstan partners and/or consumers
•    Assistance in drawing up and packaging of contractual documentation
•    Set of work and services for well survey
•    Adaptation and harmonization of international standards

Engineering and consulting services in mining sector

•    Detail designs, contracts, work programs for execution of exploratory and production work
•    Project approval with state supervisory authorities
•    Development of business plans, feasibility studies, pre-design studies, economic evaluation of mining and processing enterprises
•    Environmental design.

Engineering and consulting services in building sector
•    Front end engineering Stage (FEED)
•    Initial permissive documentation

•    Development of FEED documentation
•    Photofixation of facility
•    General explanatory note
•    General layout
•    Architectural solutions
•    Preliminary design approval by customer
•    Structural solutions
•    Display material for Chief architect 
•    Environmental protection
•    Fire protection
•    Engineering networks and machinery
•    Circuit diagrams of engineering networks
•    Computation of loads
•    Process solutions
•    FEED documentation approval

•    Detailed design Stage (DD)
•    Initial permissive documentation
•    Development of DD documentation
•    General explanatory note
•    General layout 
•    Site plan 1:2000.
•    Levelling and roadwork plan
•    Landscaping and gardening plan
•    Mass haul plan and cut and fill balance
•    Drainage plan
•    Architectural solutions
•    Structural solutions
•    Framework solid constructions
•    Metal structures
•    Process solutions
•    Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
•    Heating by local heaters
•    Heat supply system
•    Air-heating curtains
•    Ventilation (natural and forced)
•    Smoke removal
•    Emergency ventilation 
•    Internal plumbing and sewerage, drainage and   storm collectors
•    Cold water supply
•    Hot water supply
•    Fire line
•    Storm collectors
•    Sewerage
•    Power equipment, lighting
•    Main switchboards
•    Lightning and earthing
•    Power mains
•    Internal lighting
•    Illumination of facades, illuminated advertisement
•    Electric heating of rainfall run-offs 
•    Uninterruptible power supply 
•    Low-current networks
•    Fire warning system
•    Fire alarm
•    Security-burglar signalization 
•    Access control system
•    Video control system
•    Installation of broadcast network
•    Computer network.
•    Installation of telephones
•    Fire protection
•    Energy passport of facility
•    Environmental protection
•    Engineering-technical measures of Civil defence. Emergency prevention measures
•    Organization of construction
•    Process procedures for waste handling
•    DD documentation approval 
•    Conclusion of State expertise on design documentation and results of engineering surveys

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