SP Geooilservice Kazahstan LLP


PO GEOOILSERVIS KAZAKHSTAN LLP (GEOK) was founded in 2004, by high class specialists in the field of engineering:

- by Kazakhstan Company «New TEC» LLP,
- German engineering company DBI Gas-und Umwelttechnik GmbH,,
- German engineering company GEOS Freiberg Ingenieurgesellschaft GmbH,

GEOK performs complex expertise and engineering services for the fuel and energy complex, ranging from the development of special sections of projects, technological, and urban design to engineering and supervision, as well as recycling projects, gas, waste and remediation of contaminated sites and facilities.


Its main activities are engineering services directly in the oil and gas industry and in mining and ecology:
•    Design and examination
•    Geological-field modeling of deposits
•    Disposal of petroleum gas, waste
•    Reclamation of contaminated sites and facilities
•    Technology to increase oil production
•    Biotechnology


State license GSL 071046 for works in the field of architecture, urban planning and construction activities (design work for construction companies in oil and gas industry).
State license GL 000155 for the design of mining production (the study of geology, interpretation of geophysical data, the development of a technological complex surface, creating projects and technological schemes to develop gas fields, the design development of oil and gas fields, making feasibility studies, development of technical and technological documentation for Object of oil industry).

Strict adherence to the principles of the exact implementation of treaty obligations, responsibility for the final result, mutual trust and honesty in relation to customers, partners and contractors, as well as implementing the most demanding and high-tech services on their own, can successfully carry out jointly with partners and independently to major projects in Kazakhstan.

Highly skilled staff ensures the successful solution of engineering and management tasks of any complexity.

Regardless of the conditions of the contract, the main objectives of the company are:

•    optimization and reduced capital costs through the application of rational design decisions;
•    shortening the production of works, ensuring their quality and minimizing risks;
•    introduction of recent advances and new technologies in the field of engineering and
planning work organization.


Completed projects:

•    Feasibility study to develop the field of inert gases Ucharal-Kempirtobe and use of products produced

PO KazGerMunai LLP

•    Geological-field simulation of oil reservoir Nuraly 8 for the prediction of its development
•    A general analysis of the environmental protection Akshabulak and recommendations
•    Documentation for safety to avoid and eliminate accidents in the oil transportation by road
•    Feasibility study on utilization of associated gas at oil fields LLP PO Kazgermunai
•    Design of hydraulic fracturing for oil wells Akshabulak 344 and Nuraly 32

Ivikon Munai Service Company LLP

•    Preproject "Object of storage oil sludge in the containers" and "Shed for storage tanks with paraffin"

Intergas Central Asia

•    Examination of projects operating underground gas storage (UGS)

Ongoing projects:

Water Resources Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture

•    UKER-DD1 Detailed design work on the isolation of sources of groundwater pollution in the environmental restoration project in Ust-Kamenogorsk
•    Development of technical concepts and technical specifications for the design of treatment plants discharge the liquid part of the UMP

Constant striving for perfection, close-knit team of like-minded professionals who desire to be proud of their excellent work is key to the success of our business.

Our address

Almaty 050007, Esenberlin street 155 office 380

mob.: +7 701 718 07 93

tel. office: +7 (727) 364 85 60, +7 (727) 364 85 70




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