"Certification is a procedure by which a Body on confirmation of conformity certifies in written that     a product complies with applicable requirements".
Center on Certification of mechanical engineering products” (“CCM” LLP )  was established in 2004 and renders assistance in certification work, metrological support, permitting to use domestic and  foreign high hazardous products. "CCM" LLP provides its customers with wide range of services,  favourable terms and widely recognized  work standards.
«CCM” LLP is a member of the Council of experts on Technical regulation of State Standardization Authority (GosStandart) of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the member of Kazakhstan Association of members of Technical regulation and Metrology systems of RoK Ministry of Trade and Innovative technologies.
«CCM” LLP gives assistance to its Clients in obtaining various permits and conclusions, certificates of conformity, certificates of origins and other services. With help of our specialists these work are executed in quick and cost-effective manner.
Our goal  is in rendering assistance to those companies which deal with necessity of getting various certificates due to specific character of their activities.
Our objective  is to take into account your needs and solve any problems as soon as possible.
"CCM" LLP performs all services and activities (certification of products, approvals etc.) in accordance with applicable legislation and established normative-legal documents.


•    Certification of oil and gas equipment, machinery engineering, electrical and cable products
•    Expertise of technical documentation and design estimates
•    Technical audit of industrial safety
•    Metrological certification and Type approval of measurement instrumentation
•    Consulting services

CCM has:

•    Qualified personnel in all disciplines and services provided by the company
•    Information, normative-legal database and technical capabilities
•    Reliable partners passed through Supplier' qualification procedure

Our Customer:

•    AGIP KC
•    TCO
•    Turgai Petroleum
•    ZhayikMunay
•    Keppel Fels Ltd
•    EL•O•MATIC  
•    KazMunaiTeniz
•    Maersk Oil Kazakhstan  
•    DASK-Drilling


Certification, passportization, technical audit and permitting to use:
•    Tubular goods for oil and gas industry
•    Gas treatment facilities
•    Special rescue crafts ARKTOS
•    Pumps, stop valves,
•    Separators, flare systems,
•    Gas metering stations
•    Oil flowmeters
•    Heaters
•    Well-logging units
•    Non-destructive examination (defectoscopy) of drilling rigs etc.

Continuous quest of excellence, united team of like-minded professionals, wish for being proud of perfectly executed work are the basis of our business success.

Our address

Almaty 050007, Esenberlin street 155 office 380

mob.: +7 701 718 07 93

tel. office: +7 (727) 364 85 60, +7 (727) 364 85 70




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